MLH Official - Spring 2016

Cyprus's Premier High School Hackathon

April 16th- 17th 2016

Moniatis Hotel Limassol

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Ninja Hacks is Cyprus first ever high school hackathon. Ninja Hacks took place April 16/17th 2016 and hosted over 30 first time hackers. After 24 hours, 3 workshops and a lot of food, the participiants all left having built at least one website. THANK YOU to everyone who came and all volunteers and sponsors and organizers.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24 hour innovation and coding competition, where young and like-minded students come together to create new and exciting new technologies.

Who can attend?

Any High School Student over the age of 14 is more than welcome to come. Homeschooled at High School level? Join us too ;)

I'm a beginner and have never coded before...

Don't worry! We'll have mentors and workshops available to help you for the entire duration of the event! All we ask from you is the will to learn and create something that you can be proud of.

How much does it cost to attend?

Nil. Programmer's humor. Absolutely nothing. Drinks, Food, T-Shirt, Stickers and anything else you need is on us. Just bring your laptop, a good mood and a will to learn.

What will we learn and is there a theme?

Web Development. We'll teach some workshops on HTML,CSS, JS and other web technologies and you are will be building your own project based around a website or web app.

Do I have to be at the venue all the time?

Yep, we require you to be at the venue at all times due to security reasons. If you really need to leave for some time you may be signed out by a parent.

Will there be any games or entertainment over night?

Yep and Yep. We'll have mini games and challenges throughout the day as well as a movie and sleeping areas at night. One of our challenges is the Snapchat Selfie challenge. ;)

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Short: Don't be a jerk to anyone. Long version can be found here.

More Questions?

Email us at or hit us up over Facebook.


Major League Hacking


Stack Overflow




Computer Land


Julo's Development


Ladybugs English



Opening Presentation12:30
Hacking Begins13:00
Intro To HTML and CSS13:00
Taking Off With Javascript14:00
Beauty of Boostrap15:00
The Magic of Github15:30
No Pun with Node JS16:15
Mini Game17:00
Snack Time17:00
Flying To The Clouds With AWS17:30
Mini Challenge18:15
Game Tournament20:30
Midgnight Snack12:00
Morning Surprise03:00
Rise n' Shine06:00
Closing Ceremony14:00

The Location

The Moniatis Hotel Germasogeia

About Us

Ninja Hacks Is Cyprus' First Ever High School Hackathon, Run By Students For Students.

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